Step 1

The 1st step is to obtain your FCC License.  You only need a Technician level to use DMR.

Click HERE to find a exam session near you.

Step 4

You have everything you need, except a repeater to use.  Click HERE for a list of DMR repeaters in the Central PA area.

Step 2

Got your ticket?  Now it's time to get a DMR ID.  It's totally free.  You will need to register and obtain your ID HERE.

Step 5

No repeater in your area?  No problem.  You can purchase a hotspot to use at home, work or in the car.  Click HERE for more information.

Step 3

Now that you have your paperwork finished, it's time to find a radio.  You have several options ranging from high end to low end mobiles and handhelds.  Click HERE to look at several options.

Step 6

To further your skills in amateur radio you may consider joining a local amateur radio club.  These folks are a wealth of knowledge and will be able to assist you in just about anything radio RF related.

Click HERE for a list of local clubs.