Interstate 2 C-Bridge Peer Watch

These are the area repeaters active on the Interstate 2 C-Bridge.

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Interstate 2 C-Bridge Net Watch

Here you can watch all users on the C-Bridge.

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Getting Started

Want to learn more on getting started in DMR.

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Since 1993

Who we are.

We are a group of amateur radio enthusiasts interested in DMR.  This is one of the latest amateur radio formats to emerge in the Harrisburg area.

Our main goal is to spread our knowledge to those fellow amateur operators who may also be interested in this technology.

Throughout the year, we will do our best to host the latest information on DMR for both the beginners and the novice user.


Let's Get Started.

Click the button to get started in DMR.  Here you can follow the steps required to get your ID, use a starter codeplug and find area repeaters.